This is your chance to voice your support for educational blogging. Feel free to link to websites or blog postings you may have in some other location; however, the more support you express here, the more opportunity others will have to hear your voice.


Kyli - 10th grader in Georgia 3/23/06 - "So thank you Mrs. Vicki for convincing me what a viable resource a blog can be. Thank you for not letting me be ignorant to something so revolutionary."
Trey - 9th grader in Georgia 5/4/06 - " Blogging is pretty cool! I like being able to express myself through the internet. Being a very opinionated person blogging is my heaven! Blogging is going to start affecting all of our lives in more than one way! I'm glad Mrs. Vicki taught me how to blog, now I can express myself and let other people know how I feel!"



Vicki A. Davis - Why do you blog?
Barbara Ganley
Bud Hunt

Some random statements from teachers with classroom blogging (posted by D Warlick):
  • Even when they're out sick, students work on their blogs.
Carol Barsotti

  • I've got 6th graders coming in during their lunch and after school to add articles to their blog and to respond to their classmates' articles
Al Gonzalez

  • My students are floored when, as they say, "some random person from Texas commented on my blog!!" The students are getting real world experience with writing.
Brian McLaughlin

  • Why would my students want to write on paper for their teacher to see, when they could write on their blog for the whole world to see.
Kathy Cassidy

  • In fifteen years of teaching, I have never seen anything come along even CLOSE to motivating students to write - like blogging does.
Mark Ahlness

  • For the first time, I had the fifth graders participate in a wiki. I was worried about parent reactions, but I only had one refuse. The kids took off with it. I was amazed how many started their own, on both academic and personal topics. What a great resource for reading and writing.
Jacqui Murray


Miguel Guhlin on Why Blog? ,

Industry Experts

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