This informal petition below just indicates that you appreciate the benefits of educational blogging, and would encourage administrators, teachers, parents, and students to support school policies that allow for and promote educational blogging.

To add your name, click on the "edit" button, scroll down to the list most appropriate for you, and type your name, city, state, and country on a new line. Then click "save."


Kev Wild. Student Teacher. Carlisle


Yvonne M, Tucson, AZ, USA
Steve Hargadon, Granite Bay, CA, USA Blog
Lia Hadley, Luebeck, Germany


Rayleen Watson, Valley High School, Louisville, KY
Vicki A Davis, Camilla, GA USA - brightideaguru brightideaguru
Sharon E. Betts, Turner, ME USA
Quentin D'Souza Ajax, ON, Canada
Ben Wilkoff Highlands Ranch, Co USA
Michael Cridland Brisbane, Australia
Brandi Caldwell Mountain Brook, Alabama USA
Darren Kuropatwa, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
Bud Hunt, Fort Collins, Colorado, USA
Chris Storms, Winter Springs, Florida, USA
Angie Spann, Rock Springs, Wyoming, USA (Many Hats blog)
Kelly Dumont, Riverton, UT, USA
Jenith Mishne,Costa Mesa, CA, USA
Derrall Garrison, Cupertino, CA, USA
Scott Walters, Asheville, NC, USA
Sharon Smith, TAS Australia
John Johnston Glasgow Scotland
Leigh Harrison, Huntsville, AL, USA
Judith Epcke, Long Grove, IL USA
Lisa Chamberlin, Walla Walla, WA USA
Tom Barrett- tbarrett tbarrett, Nottinghamshire, England - see my class blog at Priestsic6
Bob Sprankle, Wells, ME USA
Tandy Moye, Charleston, SC USA
Lauren Rudd, Murfreesboro, Tennessee, USA
Don McLean, Innellan, Argyll, Scotland
Carmen Danies, Reston, Va, USA
Jim Farmer- knowledgefarm knowledgefarm, Waycross, GA USA - (my wikispaces page)
Sarah Puglisi, Oxnard CA USA
Nadine Norris, La Grange, IL
Michelle Shearman, NSW , Australia
Megan Ells Perry, Lothian, MD, USA
Cathy Wolinsky, Freeport, ME
Charla Bauer, University of Central Florida
Mary Dawson, Pleasant Prairie, WI
Barbara Frandsen, Assistant Professor, St. Edward's University, Austin, Texas
John Strange, Professor, University of South Alabama, Mobile, AL


Miguel Guhlin, San Antonio, Tx, USA
Glenn E. Malone, Puyallup, WA, USA
John Evans, St. Fran├žois Xavier, MB, Canada
Stephanie Sandifer, Houston, Tx, USA
|Barbara Barreda, Los Angeles, Ca, USA
Dave Sherman, Deerfield, Illinois, USA
Andrea Moore, Ewa Beach, HI


Willem Karssenberg (trendmatcher)
Janien Benaets, The Sausage Machine
Jim McNelis, School Board Member, Skokie, IL
Will Richardson, Stockton, NJ
Linda Hartley, teaching assistant and researcher, Lancaster, UK.
Jeff Cooper Education Technology Support Consultant, Forest Grove, OR
Brent MacKinnon Manager - Community Resource & Learning Room (NGO operating in High School)
Mark van 't Hooft, Tech Specialist/Researcher, Kent State University, RCET
Mark Wagner, Irvine, California
Beth Knittle, K12 Technology Integration Specialist, Cape Cod, MA
Douglas Levin, Education Policy Director, Cable in the Classroom, Washington, DC
Sheryl Nussbaum-Beach Instructor in School of Edc., The College of William and Mary and educational consultant
Josh Thomas, Partner, Topics Education
Jim Wenzloff, Technology Consultant, Macomb ISD, Clinton Twp. MI
Sus Nyrop, education community course developer & social media coach
Jennifer Wagner, K6 Tech Specalist and Consultant
Ali, Tech. Specalist, Assistant
Brad, FR Ma Culinary Arts
Lee Anne Morris, Assistant Professor, Technology Integration, Tulsa Community College, The Eight Floor, 8thFloorBlog.
Natascia Edera, International Online EduCamp - Italy or Formanova Lab
Sylvia Gray, Instructional Designer, Midland College, TX
DR Sanford, , NM, USA

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