Add your name to the list and then plan to join us!

Thursday, July 6 starting at 8 pm

Meet us at:

Rock Bottom

401 G St. San Diego, CA 92101


See you in Atlanta!
David Jakes

If you are planning to attend, add your name to the list:

David Jakes The Strength of Weak Ties
Will Richardson (I'll be there around 8:30 or so)
Stephen Rahn
Tim Lauer
Kelly Dumont The Educational Mac
Glenn Malone
Josh Thomas Pondering
Jim Wenzloff
Scott Walters Theatre EduTech
Kathy Schrock Kathy Schrock's Kaffeeklatsch
Steve Burt
Jeff Utecht U Tech Tips
Mark Phillips
Sharon Betts (have another dinner, but will come late)
Jim Gates
Alfred Thompson Computer Science Teacher Education at On10
Howard Pitler
Elizabeth Hubbell
Kim Cavanaugh
Mark Wagner (Here's Eva's blogs, too: Woodland Tech Team, Woodland Room 3)
Steve Hargadon
Chris Burnett
Janice Stearns
Julie Lindsay
Barry Dahl Far from a Shining Star Desire2Blog
David Warlick (I have a working dinner that night and will get there if I can)
Jerrie Cheek (I want to be there! Depends on a previous commitment)
Harold Olejarz - See pictures of the Blogger Buttons and match the button to the Blogger
Jennifer Wagner (I want to come but DEN has a meeting at this time too! Will try to juggle both!)
Eric Langhorst (I also have a DEN activity that night but will try to make it over later)
Susan Brooks-Young (Have another meeting, but will try to make it.)
Anthony Trumbo (should be there as long as my plane gets in when it should)
Shawna Martin
Donna Taylor
Janet Davis
Gay Krause
Linda Ullah
Scott Merrick
Tony Vincent
Gwen Solomon (I have another meeting but will try to get there late.)
Mary Catton...I may bring 2 colleagues
Steve Dembo (Stay late folks, will be there are the DEN event)
Karl Fisch
Derrall Garrison
Steve Sokoloski (may be slightly late - going to see the Acrobats (Peking not Adobe) earlier.
James O'Hagan (no kilt, sorry)
Brian Newberry CSUSB
Bob Isaacson San Jose State
Bethany Smith
Jason Neiffer (my wife and I have theater tickets but will try to attend after!)
Terry Freedman
Adam Frey
Rob Bannng
Billy Stephens ' C '

Some pictures from the event, taken by the NECC Paparazzi, David Warlick

external image 183882734_5a1e7665d0_m.jpg external image 183881771_70d26b5fd6_m.jpg external image 183881040_040737993e_m.jpg external image 183880403_158955e761_m.jpg external image 183861012_c5564287f2_m.jpg