Use of the "B" Logo

(Not really valid anymore, as the logo has switched.)
The "B" logo associated with the SupportBlogging! website is licensed for all non-commercial use, and may be placed in any electronic or printed material provided that:
  • When used in electronic or web media, the logo links back to the SupportBlogging! website (
  • When used in printed or non-electronic media, it is attributed to the site and with reference to this license page.

The logo may be used by commercial companies according to the same restrictions, and for the sole purpose of indicating support for educational blogging or to direct readers or visitors to the SupportBlogging! website. It may not be used in any way as a part of a company or commercial logo, or in such a way that might be mistaken as such.

Here is a transparent-background version of the logo:
Hereis a high-resolution version for print media:

The purpose of having a license associated with the logo is to protect against the logo being pre-empted for commercial use, and to preserve its association to SupportBlogging!. It is hoped that this license will allow the logo to be used widely as possible and maintain its association with SupportBlogging! Steve Hargadon, as the founder of SupportBlogging! reserves the right to restrict its specific use if for any reason.

Anyone interested in helping with the intent or wording of this license is encouraged to improve on what I have done! (--Steve)