Table of Contents

Blogs on Educational Blogging

21st century classroom blogging Teacherblogit
2 Cents Worth by David Warlick (2006 EduBlog Award Finalist) (2008 EduBlog Lifetime Achievement Award)
21apples (arvind s grover)
21centuryedtech (Michael Gorman) Great resource for free and inexpensive materials along with a Blog that is both useful and reflective. A must read for educators incorpporating NETS, STEM, and PBL.
21k12 (Jonathan Martin): Head of independent school blogging about 21st century teaching and learning in K-12 education.
21st Century Centurian(Elizabeth Holmes)
21st Century Collaborative (Sheryl Nussbaum-Beach)
21st Century School House (Bing Miller)
21st Century School Teachers (Donna Herold, Nicole Welding) Two teachers blogging about 21st century teachers and learners
21st Century Skills (Mark Collinson, Australia)
21st Century Teaching & Learning (Michelle Pacansky-Brock) - exploring trends and tools relevant to community college educators in the 21st century

A - (Educational Blogging)

A Day In The Life (Sarah Puglisi) 1st Grade teacher creating meaning, inventing, looking for creativity, and other nonsense.
A Chat with Mary (Mary Frazier) practical ideas for implementing technology
A Digital Storytelling Blog (Bernajean Porter)
A Difference (Darren Kuropatwa)
A GeekyMomma's Blog (Lee Kolbert)
A Teacher's Writes (Geoff Sheehy)
Academic Success Blog: Playing Your "A" Game (Kantis Simmons) Speaker, Author and Academic Success Expert
Adult Education and Technology (Marian Thacher)
Adventures in Educational Blogging (Susan Sedro)
Adventures in Educational Technology (Joanna Sanders Bobiash, Canada)
Alaska Bush Library (Darla Grediagin) - A librarian in Bush Alaska tells of her experience with Web 2.0 and providing library services over long distances.
Abc (Kim Cofino)
A New Adventure (Jim Wenzloff)
And Another Thing (Sue Tapp)
Angela Maiers (Maiers Educational Services)
Apace of Change (Damian Bariexca)
Ask a Tech Teacher (Jacqui Murray
AssortedStuff (Tim Stahmer)

B - (Educational Blogging)

Bailie's Bus (Heather Bailie) an ICT Coach and Teacher-Librarian
Beatechie, a state of mind (Carol Broos)
Bell Work Online
Betchablog (Chris Betcher, Australia)
Beth's Thoughts on Technology in the Classroom by Beth Knittle (2006 Edublog Award Finalist)
Betty's Timely Teacher Talk by BettyB a retired sixth grade teacher from Texas.
Betty Bunhead (Sharon Seslija, Tecumseh, ON Canada)
Betty Online Betty Gilgoff, Vancouver, BC Canada; Looking for ways to foster global education through technology in the classroom.
Beyond Podcasting by Susan Roustan
Blog of Proximal Development (Konrad Glogowski) (2005 EduBlog Award Winner)
Blogging and School Administrators (Susan Brooks-Young)
Blogging in the Classroom (Lorna Costantini,St. Catharines, ON)
Blogging on the Bay (Bill Gaskins, Andrews, SC)
Bold Leaps (Shirley Smith Chapin, SC) Reflections on Teaching Digital Learners
Bud The Teacher (Bud Hunt)
Bump on the Blog (Brian Grenier) (Carl Zetterlund) - An entrepreneur blogging about how technology is changing learning and his journey to create a world changing tool.

C - (Educational Blogging)

CALL4teachers Options and Issues in Computer-assisted Language Learning
CareerTech Testing Center by Kerry Eades. Thoughts and ideas on testing issues and educational technology.
Center for Teaching by Robert Ryshke, Executive Director, A place for conversation on issues in education.
Change Agency -- by Stephanie Sandifer with a focus on variety of education issues including EdTech & Web 2.0 in education.
Cliotech (Jennifer Dorman)
Cloudy in the Middle by T.J. Koehler Resources for cloud computing in middle school.
CogDogBlog by Alan Levine
Collaborative Understandings, by Benjamin Stewart
Collateral Learning by Bryan Berretta
CommunICTy by Alex Savage. Bring the real world into the classroom using effective ICT.
Contenedores de residuos

D - (Educational Blogging)

Despedida de soltero
DE Tools Of The Trade by John Goldsmith. A compendium of free, web based services, apps and resources for the online (and classroom) educator.
Dr. Z Reflects (Leigh Zeitz) Blogging for Understanding. Ideas, thoughts, gadgets and strategies for supporting learning through technology.

E - (Educational Blogging)

EdNotes - The intersection of technology, policy, best practices, and just plain what's good for kids.
EdTech - Just a little north of the Valley (Kyle Brumbaugh)
Ed-Tech-Axis by Alecia Berman-Dry
Ed Tech Lady (Gayla Keesee)
EdTechReview by Michael Yardley
Ed Tech Trek (Caroline O'Bannon)
EdTechTrek (Steve Ransom)
EdTech Solutions (a.k.a. Teach Every Student) by Karen Janowski
EdTechTeacher Thoughts, tips, and tools from Tom Daccord
EdTechTeachers this is what happens when you put 8 nerdy educators in a room
edtech VISION by Colette Cassinelli
EdTechTopia (Heather Sullivan: aka heasulli)
EdTech Workshop (Andrea Hernandez)
EdTekZone Musings on Educational Technology (Ian Jones) by Ewan McIntosh
Edubeacon (Camilla Elliott) Australia
Edublog Insights (Anne Davis)
edublogs (Ewan McIntosh)
EducateDeviate (Tiara Shafiq) - all about youth and alternative education.
Educate Michigan
Educational Resources for Schools
Educating the Dragon by Simon Evans meandering ideas about education, the digital classroom and Web 2.0
Education IT Forum of New Zealand by (Hadleigh Benson, New Zealand) A website promoting a summary for the latest innovations relating to teaching and learning online.
Education @ LKR design by Lisa Kate Radden, IT Director, Boston, an exploration of the many applications of technology in the classroom, and related news and events.
Education Blog at On10 by Alfred Thompson
Educational Technology Guy by (David Andrade). Free technology resources, how to use technology to improve teaching and learning, Project Based Learning, and more.
Educational Technology Know-How techedknow by (Greg Smith)
Educational Technology: ICT in Education (Terry Freedman)
Educational Technology and Life (Mark Wagner)
Edumorphing (A. Woody DeLauder, Science Teacher and professional blogger, Maryland)
Edumorphology (Michael Staton) sol web and policy analysisEdutopia (George Lucas Ed Foundation) (Chris O'Neal & others)
edutwist (Sharon Elin) (John Curry) Random musings of an instructional designer
Effective Teaching, Quality Instruction and Professional Development (David Peter)
e-Learning Blog (Martin Ebner; mostly in German)
English Education Professor- EEprof (Mostly Edtech Resources by Todd Finley, Greenville, NC)
English for Pre-intermediate students (Laura Martin) Blog written to facilitate Internet resources for autonomous learning.
English for Upper-Intermediate students (Laura Martin again) Syllabus-based, also links Internet resources for students.
English in Guía Básico (Official Language School in Guía, Canary Islands, Spain)- Collaborative blog in which several teachers write posts to help beginners with online resources in English.
carte tenerife
English in Guía Intermedio (same school in Guía again)- Collaborative blog for intermediate students of English.
English in Guía Avanzado (same school again)- this would be the one for advanced students of English. Again, several teachers write in it.
English lessons online General English, Business English lessons online, for all levels. Practice pronunciation and build your vocabulary.
English Teacher's Companion (Jim Burke) - Thoughts about teaching, technology, and the English language arts. - (Eric MacKnight) Teaching secondary English in an international school.
ESL Daily - Daily News and information for Foreign Language instuctors.
ExploratoryLearner - The Real Deihl by William "Bud" Deihl

F - (Educational Blogging)

Faces of Web 2.0 ★ 21st Century Teachers - (aka Frank's Blog) Exploring the many faces of Web 2.0 technologies in and out of the classroom. Profiling 21st Century teachers, best practices and tools. Need a little inspiration?
Fugleblog-Art Teacher, Mrs. Tricia Fuglestad, integrates technology tools, video, and fun into K-5 art education (check out her Fugleflicks)
Future of Education Exploring educational change and how to make change happen. (by Toby Fischer)

G - (Educational Blogging)

Gareth Long observations on education of the 21st century
Generation YES Blog (Generation YES) (Sylvia Martinez & others)
Gregs Blog principal and ex ICT PD National Facilitator Greg Carroll - New Zealand.
G.R.O.W. VA Teacher of the Year, Stephanie Doyle, founded an organization to mentor middle and high school girls

H - (Educational Blogging)

harperwiki English teacher and Technology Coordinator, Gary Latman has taught in Chicago Public Schools for 32 years
Haugen's Tech Tips Blog by Kirsten Haugen
Hendron's Digest by John Hendron (Virginia)
Hey Jude Web 2.0, Library 2.0 & Learning - by Judy O’Connell (2007) Edublog Award Finalist & (2006) (2008) Edublog Award Winner
Higher Education (Mehmet Hakan) - A blog about higher education and carrier
HighSchoolerZ(CBSEStudent)- A blog by students for students.
Hintonblogger (Brett Hinton) - the journey's of a tech advocate in an Arizona public school district
How to Teach a Novel (Keith Schoch) Resources, recommendations for teaching with novels, grades 3-12 (Dana Huff) - Issues, ideas, and discussion in English Education and Technology

I - (Educational Blogging)

ilearn technology (Kelly Tenkely) An edublog about integrating technology into the classroom.
ICT U Can! Jane Nicholls, New Zealand
ICT GUY Darrel Branson, Australia
Ideas and Thoughts From an Edtech (Dean Shareski)
If Bees Are Few (Charles Youngs) Having blogged with high school English classes near Pittsburgh, PA since 2003, this teacher tries his own.
Ignite.Incite.Inspire (Neil Finney) An examination of 21st century educational issues with a focus on the use of technology to engage 21st century learners in the classroom.
I hope it works (Ronaldo Lima Jr - Brazil) - EFL teacher in Brazil.
iJohnPederson (John Pederson) Dangerous mix of educational technology professional development and quirky Internet culture.
IMC Guy (Chad Lehman) Teaching, Educational Technology, and the school library.
In Another Place (Karen Richardson) Educational technology, teaching the teachers
Independent School Counselor- Personal and Professional Enrichment
Infotech with Mr. Losik (Andy Losik) Blog for elementary media-technology classes in Hamilton, Michigan; Teacher resources as well.
Informal Learning (David Smailes) Thoughts on how learning outside the classroom can impact on learning inside the classroom.
Information Overloaded (Wendy Thomas) A Canadian edublog about how all this information is changing the nature of learning.
innovation3 @ edublogs (Dennis Richards) A retired superintendent and current learner and teacher with thoughts on it all.
innovations3 @ wordpress (Dennis Richards) Teaching and Learning today.
Interfusigrating (Neil Charlet) The Art of Infusing and Integrating Technology Into Your World.
Intrepid Teacher (Jabiz Raisdana) A space to (1) reflect on teaching, (2) share new ideas, sites, and Web 2.0 tools, 3) network with 21st century teachers
iShuiTech (Quyen Arana) Participative culture, educational technology, classroom 2.0, globalization, professional learning communities.
iTeach - Skip Via (Skip Via) Thoughts and observations on Web 2.0 and Teaching 2.0
iTeacher (Andrew Robitaille) - Engaging students with Information and Communication Technologies.
I-Quad(Judy Harrington)- A curious little creature from outer space helps engage students in learning about Web 2.0

J - (Educational Blogging)

Jig-Saw History Blog - Using Technology to teach history.
Jeffrey S. Wolfsberg- Drug Education Programs Podcast and Blog for Educators and Parents
John Connell: the blog - the Glow prime mover, now spreading the word across emerging markets with Cisco
Jonesieblog (Robert Jones) - Personal blog of a Scottish maths teacher.
Journeys With Learning (Mark Woolley) This blog explores Web 2.0 tools to transform classrooms.
JustRead (Lisa Huff) High School English teacher sharing blogging and other Web 2.0 journies with her students.

K - (Educational Blogging)

K12EduTALK (William Brennan) - Re-define teaching and learning for the 21st Century.
K12 Geek - Edublogging on Instructional Technology and more
Kathy Schrock's Kaffeeklatsch - Technology tips, tricks and ideas for use to support instruction
Kim's Ventures in Educational Technology - Blog by Kim Caise, NBCT - featuring ed tech topics and strategies used in the classroom
Keyboarding Research - Keyboarding research, strategies and Dr. Leigh Zeitz's opinions on teaching keyboarding at all levels.
Knocking Down These Walls- ideas for easily bringing technology-supported learning into the regular classroom -
Korean School - Resources and materials for public school teachers in Korea

L - (Educational Blogging)

Langwitches- Magic of Learning through Technology (Silvia Tolisano)
Le blog de (David Touvet)
The Learning Box Are your students getting the education they deserve? Find out at The Learning Box.
learning.21st by Benjamin Friesen
Learning Blog by Alex Ragone
Learning in a Flat World by Britt Watwood (VCU, Richmond VA)
Learning In Maine by Jim Burke
Learning Is Messy by Brian Crosby by Andy Carvin
Learning Rev by Sandra McGonagle
Learning, Technology and Games by Greg Casperson;
Learning, Thinking, Playing Tony Richards. (Melbourne, Australia)
Learning to Collaborate Ed Shepherd (Roanoke, VA)- Twitter
Lessons Learned (David Carpenter)
Life insurance
Life is not a race Allanah King, New Zealand
Life On SpEd by Joe B., Outside Seattle, WA
Life with L Ann Leaness. PA
Lisa's Lingo Lisa Parisi, Long Island, NY, USA
Logan Elm Technology John Rundag, Circleville, Ohio

M - (Educational Blogging)

McToonish (Heather M. Ross)
Make It Interesting How to get kids interacting with their work and doing work using Web 2.0
Mario tout de go - ex-school principal, Partner at Opossum (a subsidiary of iXmédia Group)
Mathematics Learning Sharing strategies for teaching learning mathematics.(Mrs. Rashmi Kathuria, India)
McLear (John McLear, United Kingdom)
MEDagogy (Justin Medved)
Megan's Blog Desk - a blog specifically created as a resource for educators interested in blogging to enhance learning environments.
Mellons Bay Room 12 Blog, Auckland, NEW ZEALAND
Mentor Matters (Mrs. Ris)
Metanoia by Ryan Bretag
Mexico English Teachers' Alliance :: META Web 2.0 - EFL and ESL educators throughout Latin America and the world
Miles Berry Miles is UK based. He is interested in using blogs and social networking software to provide a personal learning space in primary education.
Milobo's Musings (Michelle Bourgeois) - Pensacola, FL
Miss W and her smartboard (Sue Wyatt) Tasmania, Australia (Jamie Tubbs)
Mobile Technology in TAFE Sue Waters Perth, Western Australia
More than just knowing stuff! Helen Otway, Melbourne, Australia
Moving Forward: Teaching and Learning in a Digital World Linda Eller, Memphis, Tennessee, USA
Moving at the Speed of Creativity (Wesley Fryer) - Edmond, Oklahoma, USA (2006 eSchoolNews/Discovery Blog Award Winner)
Mr. Abe Pro high school Math teacher, Restoration Academy, Fairfield, Alabama
Mr. Lane's Computer Applications/Web 2.0 Blog (8th grade) Rancho Cordova, California, USA
Mr. R's Blogspot 2.0 Malik Richardson, Charlotte, NC
Mr. Smith's 4th Grade - Hannibal, MO
Mr W's Blogging Great Thing (Neil Winton) - Perth, Scotland
Mr. Mundorf's Class (Jon Mundorf) - Marco Island, FL
Ms. Whatsit (Donna Hebert) - Colorado, USA
Multi-faceted Refractions (Vinnie Vrotny)
Musings from the Academy (Angela Stevens)
My Continuing Education. (high school English teacher in Virginia, USA)
My Journey in ICT & Blogging - Rachel Boyd, New Zealand
M3's Class Blog (Year 5/6 New Zealand, Teacher: Erin Freeman)
M3Teacher (Erin Freeman, New Zealand)
My Other Blog (John Pearce, Australia)
Miss L's Whole Brain Teaching (Miss L, Manitoba, Canada)

N - (Educational Blogging)

NCS-Tech (Kevin Jarrett, NJ, USA)
Nebraska Change Agent (Beth Still) Journey of a Nebraska social studies teacher who is passionate about promoting Web 2.0 applications
Notes from the Ridge (Kevin Sandridge, Florida/US) Musings, trials and triumphs of a Middle School Tech Ed Teacher using Web 2.0 in the classroom.
Nexus (Diane Hammond)
Nigel's musings and discoveries by Nigel Frater - I use web 2.0 extensively with my class of Year 7/8's this is a reflection on that
NJ Tech Teacher Musings How to connect web 2.0 into K-8 computer curriculum and middle school math.
Notebooking - For teachers interested in starting science notebooks in the classroom (lots of pictures)
Notes from Millie D (MIchael Richards)
Not So Distant Future (Carolyn Foote)
PLN - Not Just My Initials (Paula L. Naugle)

O - (Educational Blogging)

On the Trails by Christopher Shively
OpenEdWeb (Steve O'Connor) Exploring open source web 2.0 applications
Open Source Classroom dot com (Chris Craft) - 6th grade Spanish and Latin teacher blogging about open source and free software.
Open Thinking & Digital Pedagogy - Dr. Alec Couros, professor of educational technology & media.

P - (Educational Blogging)

Pair-a-Dimes for Your Thoughts (David Truss)bb
Pedagogy in Practice (Ben Bleckley) Language arts, secondary school
Principal of the Matter (Frank Pearse)
Principal Reflections(Bill Carozza)
Primary Technology Installations (ICT Installations in schools(IWBs etc.) completed by the Primary Technology team.
Professor Luongo's Blog (Nicole Luongo) St. Peter's College course Improvement of Reading in the Secondary School
Pushing the Technology Envelope (Brad Wenger) - Elementary technology teacher blogging about the use of technology in the classroom.

Q-R - (Educational Blogging)

Ramblings of a Technology Coordinator(Christine Archer) Instructional Technology Coordiantor in Colorado High School
Random Ramblings (Danita Russell)
Random Thoughts on Technology and Life (Cathy Arnold)
Ratio Studiorum A blog by David Colon, Academic Dean at Collegiate School in Richmond, VA
Reading, Writing and Chocolate A blog that looks at educational trends from the eye of the Harry Potter fan.
Recorded Books K-12 Blog by audiobook publisher Recorded Books, featuring lots of freebies like audio excerpts and lesson plans, plus K-12 news.
Reflections from the Trenches (Julia Osteen)
Reflections of the TZSTCHR (Paula White) Elementary teacher reflecting on her students' learning, technology and other "teaching/learning" matters
Reflect to Redirect High school English and History teacher, Jennifer Barnett, explores today's digital learning environment and how schools must adapt.
Regional Geography Blog (Donald Rallis). Thoughts and musings of a geography professor for his students and anyone else who may be interested
Religione 2.0 Blog about Religion 2.0 (Italian Teacher)
Remote Access (Clarence Fisher)
RepairKit (Repairman)
Rise ( Pete Hall ) Blogging on thinking, leadership and education from the bottom right hand corner of the world. New Zealand.

S - (Educational Blogging)

Scholarship Money - Free college financial aid resource
School Counseling Matters - The professional weblog of Rick Scheibner, school counselor from Hermiston, Oregon
Science, Education, and Science Education (Luann Lee) - (Scott Merrick) Educational news and opinion from a K-4 technologist and Vanderbilt 'Teacher-in-residence"
Seeking the Wisdom of the Ages (Tom Turner) Orlando, Florida, USA
Séjour linguistique
Serendipity35 - (Ken Ronkowitz, NJIT & PCCC) a K-20 blog on learning and technology and the occasional crossroads thereof
Sharing the Addition - a blog by an ICT advisor on educational ICT tools such as software and online web 2.0 applications as well as other bits and pieces.
SharonsShare (Sharon Betts) Industry, Maine, USA - sharing resources with links to her other sites
Sicheii Yazhi (Eric Hoefler)
Sizzle in Science The amazing world of science. These posts will inspire your students.
Slam Teaching (Sean Michael Law) Denver, CO - Teaching is an extemporaneous, aggressive, lyric, funny thing to do. (Scott Meech) - Tech Education isn't the Future... It is the Present!
SNSCLC (Dr. Junhel Dalanon) - Sto. Niño Smart Child Learning Center
Speaking of History (Eric Langhorst) 8th grade American History teacher in Liberty, Missouri - blog and podcast
Spotlight (Robin Martin)
Steve Hargadon Blog and interview series on educational technology and "School 2.0"
Stigmergic Web (Rob Wall)
Streaming Thoughts (Brian C. Smith) - Formerly Mobilemind-ed, this blog is about education and learning with technology.
Students 2.0 (The Students 2.0 team) - a group blog featuring students from around the world.
Study Future (Make Your Future)
Successful Teaching (Pat Hensley aka loonyhiker)
Suppl_eMINTS (Zac Early) - a blog intended to supplement my training sessions for eMINTS
SWU Special Education (Dr. Junhel Dalanon) - Southwestern University Special Education Resource

T - (Educational Blogging)

Tales of a Tech Omnivore (James McDermott) - a blog that passionately discovers ways technology can enrich education & our lives.
Taste of Tech (John Schinker)
Teach42 (Steve Dembo) - Chicago, IL winner of the 2007 Best Blog By Someone With the Last Name 'Dembo".
Teacher Bytes (John Woodring) - Technology news and information for educators.
TeacherJay's EduBlog (Jay A. Babcock) - a discussion of education policy and research
TeachClever Tips, tricks and hacks for becoming a more productive teacher.
Teacher Dude's Grill and BBQ (Craig Wherlock) - Teaching EFL/ESL in Greece using blogging and other web 2.0 tools
Teacher Lingo - A community of educational blogs. Members can add their blog, participate in message board discussions, read news and more.
Teaching that Sticks (Keith Schoch) Ideas to make teaching motivational and memorable.
Tech Tempo - (Brenda Muench) What's the tempo of your tech?
Techno Constructivist (Carl Anderson)
Technology is Simple (Daryle Esswein) - The latest technology used in 5th grade classroom.
The Pulse Group blog hosted by District Administration magazine
The Science Bench by Kyle Stashuk - Looking at mostly science and technology in the classroom, with a sprinkling of interesting educational news.
The Strength of Weak Ties (David Jakes)
The Tech Curve (Kern Kelley)
The TechTeacher Network (Brad Niessen)
The Thinking Stick (Jeff Utecht)
Thinking In Mind- Using technology to deepen and enhance inquiry-based learning.
Think:Lab (Christian Long)
Thinking2.0 (Cindy Barnsley)
Think, Think. Think (Heidi Pence United States) A primary computer teachers thoughts about technology and education...
Think Time (Jennifer Koch Lubke)
Think, Wonder and Learn with the Web ( Anne Baird) Aussie teacher exploring the use of Web 2 applications in the K-12 context.
Thoughts From A Technospud (Jennifer Wagner)
ThumannResources (Lisa Thumann) CMSCE, Rutgers University
Tim Wang's eLearning Blog by Tim Wang
TipLine- Daily Tech Tips by James Gates
To Learn Twice by Hank Thiele
To the Finish Line by Debra Solomon Baker, Wydown Middle School; Reflections on teaching middle school Language Arts/reflections on education in general
Toy to Tool: Cell Phones in Learning by Liz Kolb
Transitioning to Web 2.0 by Janni Black
Transparent Learning (Bethany Smith)

U - (Educational Blogging)

Ubiquitous Thoughts (Mark van 't Hooft)
Unicaucaneando (Dario Estupiñan, Colombia). News on events and new resources for the academy.
USC Rossier Online - News and events from the education world along with stories of current and past Master's of Arts in Teaching students.
Using Blogs in Science Education (Stacy Baker)
Using Blogs in teaching (Simon Reigh, UK). Using blogs with my Philosophy students has changed the focus of my teaching and improves the support that I give to students. This blog records my thoughts on the value of blogs in education, and provides some tips on how to use them.
U Tech Tips (Jeff Utecht, et al)

V - (Educational Blogging)

Virtual Staffroom (Chris Betcher)

W - (Educational Blogging)

Web 2.0 in the Classroom (Laura MacDonald)
Web 13.0 (Martin Pluss)
Webb-ed Feet Craig McDonald, Bay of Plenty, New Zealand. Thoughts on e-learning, teaching and getting beyond the bells and whistles.
Webciting (Greg Gebhart, Australia)
Weblogg-ed (Will Richardson) (2005 EduBlog Award Finalist)
WebExplorer (Cheryl Lykowski)
Weekly Reflections about 21st Century Learning (Vincent Hill) Credenda. Weekly thoughts about using integrating technology and eLearning.
WeTeachEnglish (Alumni Teachers in Brazil)
WiiLearn (Joel Zehring) - Gaming in the classroom, with a focus on the Nintendo Wii console.
What is School 2.0? (James Sigler) What should school look like in the 21st century? What part will web 2.0 play in it?
WhiteboardBlog (Danny Nicholson) Interactive Whiteboards and related Technologies in the Classroom

Y-Z - (Educational Blogging)

Yes Tech! (Pam Shoemaker)

Blogs about Literacy

Literacy is Priceless(Anna Batchelder)
Teach with Picture Books (Keith Schoch)

Brain and Cognition Blogs

Experiment of the Week Steve Spangler brings the love of science to your inbox, every single week!
Neurons Firing (Laurie Bartels)
SharpBrains (Alvaro Fernandez)
Sizzle of Science Mysteries of the world and amazing scientific achievements that inspire kids

Classroom Blogs

1AH, Come take a look...Amy Hossack's Grade One Class, Shanghai American School, China
2M Gems - Amanda Marrinan's Year 2 class (6 and 7 year olds) QLD, Australia. Class blog and links to individual blogs.

5/6C 2008 Mrs C's grade 5/6 class from Victoria, Australia
5/6NT Blog (Nathan Toft, Ottawa, Canada) Grades 5 and 6
5B@MAS, Gordon Brune's 5th graders in Mamamroneck, NY (USA)

A - (Classroom Blogs)

A Grade 7 and 8 class (Year 7 and 8) Using Twitter, blogging, Google Docs, Web 2.0, Live TV broadcasting and other amazing things!
A New Adventure, Technology
A Room 18 Blog ! Year 5 and 6, Balmoral School, Auckland, New Zealand.
Al Upton and the miniLegends (Year 3 - Glenelg, South Australia) new 'mentor a mini' program - leave a positive comment occasionally
American Studies
AP Calculus
Applied Math 40S
Arty Reflections (Year 4 - NSW ,Aust , Focus: creative and critical analysis using de Bono's Hats of student artwork

B - (Classroom Blogs)

B2's Blog - A Class of 6-7yr Olds - Teacher = Mr Lietze. New Zealand
Bellevue School Room 8 (Pam Seath, Tauranga, New Zealand). An interactive blog by a Year 2 class.
Blogging in College: Gender & Pop Culture's Blog Experiment The home of the big blog experiment! 27 students enrolled in Gender & Popular Culture (Women's & Gender Studies) at The College of New Jersey. Student blogs are all linked to this location. Each student's blog is the primary element of this (on-campus, non-distance/online learning) course, which is where s/he will examine his/her topic of choice through the lens of gender.
Bookwrap (Alisha Cunningham, Sydney, Australia) Year 3 students reflect on the literature they read, communicate with authors and students internationally for collaboration. Student podcasts are also linked to this site.
Bud's Blogging Experiment
Bugmania (Year 4 -NSW, Aust . Focus: A group of year 4 students who are passionate about bugs have created their first ever wiki. These students would love to hear from other students who are also passionate about the world of bugs!!! )

C - (Classroom Blogs)

Chorlton Park Year 2 blog Pimary School blog from Manchester - hugely active and full of interesting video and comment.
CILASS Student Blog by University of Sheffield Student Ambassadors of the Centre for Inquiry-based Learning In the Arts and Social Sciences (England) (2006 EduBlog Award Winner)
Class 2i Reads and Writes! by a class of Year 2 students in Geneva, Switzerland
Class of Ambrose (a 5th grade classroom blog, mathcast, podcasts, and wiki from Detroit, MI)
Classroom Habitat a la Webtools - a 5th grade classroom blog from Greeley, Colorado
Collaboration Nation Team Blog with links to individual student blogs -- 8th Grade Connecticut
College English - Beth Ritter-Guth, Lehigh Carbon Community College

D - (Classroom Blogs)

Dekita. org - gathers ESL/EFL posts from around the world
Denton Dynamo's Discussions - Grade 5 Inclusion Class on Long Island, NY, USA - Lisa Parisi

E - (Classroom Blogs)

E3 - A Class of 10-11 yr olds Teacher = Mr Lietze, New Zealand
Edgemere Elementary Blogs - Student blogs from El Paso, Texas (Grades 4 and 5)
English Corner - 6th grade Language Arts students in Georgia - Julia Osteen, Atlanta, GA
ESL Bullying Blog
ESL Intermediate Low at Pacoima Skills Center Blog for Barry Bakin's Intermediate Low ESL class at Pacoima Skills Center. Used for posting assignments for students to access.
Excellence and Imagination (Grades 7 and 8)

F - (Classroom Blogs)

Film Appreciation by Laura Rebecca - content blog for Film Appreciation class at GCHS (NY)
Finally 5B! - advanced EFL students' blogs - Brazil
Free Range Thinking - teacher and student blogs, 11th Grade English, Northridge CA
First Grade Blog Patterson's Pack

G - (Classroom Blogs)

Get Lost - A video travel blog being created by middle school social studies teachers.
Grade 7 Language Arts - Teacher: Sid de Haan, Edmonton, Canada
Grade 7 Math Blogorama at Sargent Park
Grade 8 Humanities class and student BLOGs created by Gary Coyle's classes at the American Embassy School - New Delhi, India

H - (Classroom Blogs)

How Beautiful You Are A 1st Grade Class in Oxnard CA Blogging about their year , Hueneme School District with Projects, Books, pictures, words of the Day , and expanding as we go, Mrs. Sarah Puglisi's Room 10
Huzzah!- A 6th grade class in Comox Valley, British Columbia, Canada

I - (Classroom Blogs)

In Need of Coffee (High School Literature)
Interactive Chatting Teddies a collaborative blogging project in Argyll Scotland involving children in P1-3 (ages 4-8) and their teddy bears
Intrepid Classroom a place where students from around the world visit, meet each other, share ideas, and decide what they want to learn from each other.
ISS07, International Space Station Project: Students from around the world blogging with astronauts onboard the ISS, learning about life and work in orbit.
I Think.... (Middle - Upper Primary -NSW, Aust, Focus: Having students respond to online statements and then formulate arguments. Links to exposition and discussion text types in English)
ITGS Forum - Discussion and resource sharing for the Information Technology in Global Society class (Grade 11 and 12)

J - (Classroom Blogs)

joshs cool blog - wellington new zealand student's blog

K - (Classroom Blogs)

Kathy Cassidy's Grade one class
Kindergarten Tales (Cindy Blakely, Carol Stream, IL USA)
KinderKids Blog Maria Knee's kindergarten class blog, Deerfield, New Hampshire
Kootman's Class Blogs- fourth grade class with 3 separate blogs, San Diego, California
Kids with a VIew Year 1 e-learning class, 5 & 6 year olds at Point View School, Auckland, New Zealand

L - (Classroom Blogs)

Language Arts (8th grade, Colorado, USA)
Literacy Resources - Joy Simpson, UK - resources for the literacy classroom reading, writing and web 2.0
Look What's Happening in Room 102 - Mary Ellen Lynch's Grade One classroom blog in the Montreal area of Quebec, Canada

M - (Classroom Blogs)

Madness in the Method (Brandi Caldwell, Mountain Brook, AL USA) 12th grade English classroom blog
Manaia Kindergarten (Tania & Bev in New Zeland)
Math306-04 Grade 9 math class
Mellons Bay Room 12 Blog, Auckland, NEW ZEALAND.
Mirror Mirror (Year 4 -6 -NSW, Aust, Focus: Encouraging reflective thought during an independent learning project)
Miss Frandsen's Class (Sara Frandsen, Carol Stream, IL USA)
Miss Baker's Biology Blog (9th biology and AP Biology) (2007 Edublog Awards Finalist)
Moturoa Classroom , a year four and five class from Nelson, New Zealand
Mullum Writers, Showcasing the work of the talented young writers at Mullumbimby Public School. NSW Australia (K-6)
Mr. Abe a blog for his Math classes at Restoration Academy, Fairfield, Alabama
Mr. C's Class Blog Fifth Grade Class Blog
Mr. Belshaw's Student Blogs
Mr. Lembke's Blog An interactive blog set up for class discussion.
Mr. Mac's Class - As a teacher, it is not my job to tell you what to think; but to encourage you TO think!
Mr. Mayo's Student Weblogs (Online Portfolio's) 100+ student blogs used in an 8th grade Language Arts class.
Mr. Miller's English 10 homework blog - writing and thinking assignments for high school sophomores
Mr. Mundorf's Class (Jon Mundorf) - Marco Island, FL
Mr. Sigler's Class Page - 3rd Grade class page blog in Carl Junction, MO mainly intended for parents.
Mr. Watson's Classes - Sophomores in Honolulu keeping online commonplace books.
Mrs. C's Senior English Blogs Senior English class blog in the Tiny Kingdom of Mtn. Brook, Alabama
Mrs. Hines' Leading Learners (Kelly Hines) Chocowinity, NC
Mrs. Heaton's Class - Fourth grade class in costal SC. First year blog for both teacher and students. Would like to work with other 4th grade classes.
Mrs. Huff's English Classes (Dana Huff)
Mrs. Perry's Blog - Fourth grader's blog network at St. Leonard Elementary School.
Mrs. Perry's 2005-6 Blog - 4th grade blog focusing on interaction with Guest Experts in different fields (astrophysicists, test pilot, veterinarian, & Broadway musical star) along with student interaction with curriculum content.
Mrs. Toa Sarah Toa's Grade One class, Shanghai American School, CHINA
Mrs. Watson's Classes
Ms. Mercer's Class Blog This was a blog for a fifth grade class, but is no longer active. It's a nice example though.
Music Production Skills - Learn basic music recording skills and make you own music
Music with Mrs. Muench - K-3 Music classes post items and challenge each other online
Ms. Naugle's Classroom Blog (Ms. Paula Naugle's 4th Grade)

N - (Classroom Blogs)

Night Blog High School students discuss Elie Wiesel's Holocaust memoir.
New Zealand Kids Blog 12 and 13 year olds blog their learning.

O - (Classroom Blogs)

Oak Ridge Elementary Sixth Grade Sixth grade (11 yo) from Sacramento, CA
Oak Ridge Elementary Fifth Grade Fifth graders (10 yo) from Sacramento, CA
Oak Ridge Elementary Fourth Grade Fourth graders (9 yo) from Sacramento, CA
One Room Schoolhouse Fifth Graders (10-12 yrs) from Florida, US (Susan Berry)
Ontario Blogs - Elementary and secondary school students from across Ontario, Canada, all "writing to learn"
Our Blog Grade 5/6 Learning Studio from country Victoria, Australia

P - (Classroom Blogs)

PAWriting - Early Secondary School writing from Perth Academy, Scotland.
Picture Talk Blog -Excellent blog that focuses on visual literacy - Primary Setting , AUST
Planet Infinity...Math Activity Class Learning mathematics through activities .(By Mrs. Rashmi Kathuria ,India)
Pre-Cal 20S
Pre-Cal 30S
Pre-Cal 40S (Winter '06) - Uses blogger, teacher Darren Kuropatwa
Priestsic6 - class blog from a Year 6 class at Priestsic Primary and Nursery School, Nottinghamshire, England (our wiki site with a link to our blog) Elise Mueller
Puzzling Maths Problems (Year 4 - NSW, Aust, Focus: Problem solving strategies in Mathematics)
Patterson's Pack First Grade Blog
Point View School - Kids with a View - Year 1 e-learning class, Auckland New Zealand

Q-R - (Classroom Blogs)

Reflective Creations 5th Grade classroom blog, Missoula, Montana, USA
Risley Roarers Blog- 4th, 5th 6th graders, Nevada, USA
Room3tai Year 7 & 8 class blog, Te Awamutu, New Zealand (with links to individual student blogs). Teacher Lynne Crowe
Room 8's Class Blog - Class Blog by year 5/6 students in Nelson, New Zealand
Room 9's Class Blog - Class Blog by year 2 students (6 year olds) at Nelson Central School in New Zealand - current
Room16 Math Grade 8 Class math blog Uses blogger, teacher Chris Harbeck
Room17 Math Grade 8 Class math blog Uses blogger, teacher Chris Harbeck
Room 18's New Blog! Year 5 and 6, Balmoral School, Auckland, New Zealand.
Room18tis Year 7 (11-12 year olds) Class Blog, Taradale, New Zealand
Room22 Year 6/7 class in Adelaide
Room 110 Blog - 9th Grade students from Central New Jersey
Room 167 - High School Social Studies Teacher: Lea Hansen (Visit our class wiki here.)
Room 208 (Grade3/4 class)
Room 303 Blog (Dana Huff's students)
Room 613 Student Blogs - written by Mr. Hetherington's 6th Grade students - third graders from Seattle, WA

S - (Classroom Blogs)

Sandaig Otters Sandaig Primary School Glasgow, Scotland.
Sargent Park's Grade 8 Math Zone Class hub for blogging assignments and news
SCC English : English Department of Irish secondary school, St Columba's College, Dublin 16.
Science Matters Science, Technology, and Society Connections (Richibucto, New Brunswick, Canada Grade8)
Secret Life of Bees
Seufert's Scholars - 5th Grade class blog from El Paso, Texas
SidneyMedia - 12th Grade media class from Sidney, NY Mike Dionne
Sixth Grade Teachers - sixth grade teachers blog in Atlanta, GA with links to 46 student blogs
Smarties - Grade 2 class in Western Australia
spells Grade 9 humanities/Literature class blog from Korea International School, Seoul (student blogs on blogroll on right sidebar)

T-U - (Classroom Blogs)

Tarradale Primary School blog - Primary School in Scotland
Teaching in the Inner City, Ideas and Inspiration for Inner City Teachers
Technology in our classroom - Grade 6/7 class from Tasmania, Australia
Tell the Raven - Grade 6 classroom blog from Fairbanks, Alaska
The Blurb - A student blog and podcast program debating current event issues.
The Brainwaves Bob Greenberg's second graders from Bridgeport, CT
The ClemMiddle School Language Arts
The Electronic Pencil -- a sixth grade blog site from Western Massachusetts
The FCE Blog (Claudia Ceraso) A student's guide to autonomous English language learning.
The Livewires Carolyn Knight's Year 3 & 4 class in New Zealand
The Sausage Machine, leerblog van Janien Benaets en de jeugd van tegenwoordig, Antwerp, Flanders, Belgium.
The South Titan Government Blog Mr. Ray Keller's High School Government Class Blog from Papillion, Nebraska (ED in 08 Award Blog)
The Upper House 4th and 5th graders in Greensboro, NC, USA
The V Posse Journal (Amy Vejraska's 3rd graders' class blog in Branson, Missouri)
The Write Weblog
Toa's Troops 5th Grade Class at Shanghai American School, CHINA. Class Blog and links to individual student blogs.

V - (Classroom Blogs)

Vamos Blogar, blogging project for children in Brazil's poorest and most violent slums\

W-X - (Classroom Blogs)

We Must Be The Change We Wish To See In The World - Colette Cassinelli's MS & HS blogs from Beaverton, OR
Westwood Schools - Uses classblogmeister, teacher: Vicki A Davis
Write On! Mr. Monson's Grade 5 Classroom Blog Join our class in this amazing, online world! (Check out our wiki too!)
Wojtera's Words - Carolyn Wojtera's First Graders explore the world of technology.

Y - (Classroom Blogs)

Year 6/7C Blog and Podcast - Year 6/7 students from Brisbane, Australia

Z - (Classroom Blogs)

Zixth Grade - Joel Zehring's class blog for his sixth grade class.

Classroom Podcasts (Audio Blogs!)

Mellons Bay School (active) - Podcasts made by year 4 (8 year olds), Auckland NEW ZEALAND. Direct link Import our Podcasts into itunes directly here.
Portable Radio (Nathan Toft and Jane Smith) - A podcast made by students in grades 5 and 6. We are from Ottawa, Canada.
bcpodclassroom (Glenn Ferraris) - A class podcast site made by 5th graders in NJ on various topics, both academic and personal.
Talking VTE - podcast of educational conversations and audio recordings made at conferences, seminars and workshops throughout the Australian Vocational and Technical Education (VET) sector.
Youth Radio (Kevin Hodgson and others) -- A collaborative podcasting/blogging site for upper elementary students
MPRadio (Mike Poluk) - A podcast made by grade 5 students in Sault Ste. Marie, Canada
Gator Radio Experience - Live high school radio show from Castilleja School in Palo, Alto California. Episodes are broadcast live and recorded as podcasts. Guests are always needed and welcome on the GRE! Our goal is to connect with the world!

College-Bound Students

USNAHelp students achieve their goals starting in high school. This is aimed at USNA, but deals with all college-bound kids

Individual Student Bloggers

(March 2008) Al Upton's miniLegends Year 3, Australia ( 8 and 9 yrs) 'mentor a mini' - leave a positive comment from time to time
(New 6May2007: Let's let them form their networks here!)
Wanna Be A KP (Tiara Shafiq) - Tiara's journey to being (and paying for) a KaosPilot, part of an innovative social enterprise/business/design school in Denmark
The Student Leader Collaborative Blog A collaborative blog of Student Leaders from around the country. Discussing, learning, networking, and leading.
Amber's BlogYear 7, New Zealand (11 -12 yrs)
Fashion Freak: Grade 9, Korea
I'mpossible: Grade 9, Korea
Just Yell: Grade 9, Korea
Hamish's Blog Year 8, New Zealand (12 -13 yrs)
Christina's Blog Year 8, New Zealand (12-13 yrs)
Rochelle's Blog Year 8, New Zealand (12-13 yrs)
Mitch's Blog Year 7, New Zealand (12 yrs)
Milly's Blog Year 7, New Zealand (11 -12 yrs)
Holly's Blog Year 7, New Zealand (11 -12 yrs)
Lexie's Blog Year 7, New Zealand (11 -12 yrs
Jayden's Blog Year 8, New Zealand (12 -13 yrs)
Josh's Blog Year 7, New Zealand (11 -12 yrs)
Laura's Blog Year 8, New Zealand (13 yrs)
Sarah's Blog Year 7, New Zealand (11 - 12 yrs)
Bethany's Blog Year 8, New Zealand (12 -1 3 yrs)
Patrick's Blog Year 7, New Zealand (12 yrs)
Miranda's Blog Year 9 from Australia (14-15 years old)
Heather's Blog Year 7, Australia (11-12 years old)
Sally's Blog Year 7 Australia (11-12 years old)
Thomas's "secret" blog Year 7, New Zealand (11 yrs)
Jessica's Blog Year 11, Australia (16 -17 years old)
Newly Ancient Year 9, United States (14-15 yrs old)
The Bass Players Blog 6th year Scotland (16-17 years old)

Teacher Blogs

A Dance With the Butterflies-project participants used this blog to get a better understanding of UDL and to share teaching ideas
A Day In the Life A teacher in a CA "Under-performing" public school writes about teaching and curriculum,her meaning,anecdote, working with students in 2nd language, poverty, NCLB as it has affected the "culture" of the school from a ground floor level. In the moment construction.(Sarah Puglisi) - teachers collaborate on innovative secondary school teaching strategies (PBL, classroom tech, Assessment for Learning, Differentiated Learning)
A teacher's adventures in cyberspace - This blog promotes the use of web 2.0 tools in the science classroom and beyond. (Physics/Biology Teacher in Adelaide, Australia)
A Teacher's Life - a blog focusing on ed tech resources - Lucy Gray Chicago, IL
A Teacher's Thoughts - a blog about my explorations of technology, science and learning.
Adventures of an Urban Reading Teacher - Relates the classroom adventures of an adult education teacher - Delondra Williams, Los Angeles, CA
Ask a Tech Teacher - How-to's that get K-8 students started on technology and integrating it into classroom units
Authorship 2.0 - An exploration of authorship and learning in the digital age - Marielle Palombo (MA)
Beyond School -- Kicking Addictions to 20th Century Teaching--because Gutenberg is dead. (Flat classroom global wiki writing workshop: Join us!)
BookPushinTechie -- This blog tries to present some web 2.0 enhancements for classroom teachers to use as resources.
Borderland Doug Noon, sixth grade teacher in Fairbanks, Alaska
Chorlton High Maths A blog by teachers at a Manchester (UK) school for their pupils.
Cloudy in the Middle by T.J. Koehler Resources for cloud computing in middle school.
Country comes to town
CreativICTism A blog for GCSE ICT students - with links, grades and discussion (Students are allowed to post as well.)
ctrl z by Ana Buckmaster - blog about technology in the classroom and life
Dawn's Brain - The adventures of a high school art and drama teacher.
Dr. J's System Centered Physics Blog A blog by a HS physics teacher trying to expand the learning beyond the classroom
Duck Diaries (2006 EduBlog Award Winner)
Durff's Study Skills Blog A blog for 7th grade Study Skills students in Maryland (and a few guest bloggers).
Educational Reform What are your thoughts about educational reform?
eng@kkc - the blog for English students at Katikati College in New Zealand (high school).
Engaging Learners- An English teacher/tech coordinator
English Corner - 6th grade Language Arts students in Georgia - Julia Osteen, Atlanta, GA
English Education Professor
English Teaching Lab - Language labs and English teaching.
Glossolalia by Marc Murdock-education and its discontents
Have Fun with English! 2 by Teresa Almeida (Portugal)
High School Computer Science blog by Alfred Thompson - information, discussion and links for HS CS teachers
Higgy's Blog by Chris Higgins - Mathematics and Computer Science Teacher in Ohio
Historical Side FX Accidentally learning about technology in a history classroom. (Dana Huff) -- Issues, ideas, and discussion in English Education and Technology
ICT in my Classroom - a blog of thoughts and ideas of a primary teacher in England
International Space Station Project, ISS-07, collaborative project for grades 4-12
ilearn technology A blog about integrating technology into the classroom.
Information Overloaded A Canadian Middle School Teacher and Technology Mentor blogs about the changing nature of learning and information
iSURFFers (JoNelle Gardner) StUdents Ready For The Future: Sharing technology tools with K-5 students and teachers
Joel Zehring - reflections from a sixth grade teacher in Tucson, AZ
JustRead! by Lisa Huff, high school English teacher blogging about classroom projects and technology integration
JochenEnglish by Jochen Lueders, an English teacher at a "Gymnasium" in Munich, Germany
JoeWoodOnline - A Northern California teacher who blogs about classroom integration of technology. Joe also is a popular presenter at educational technology conferences. His blog includes notes from his presentations and reflections on the sessions that he attends.
John @ Sandaig Primary primary 6 teacher in Glasgow, Scotland.
Journeys by Diane Cordell, a teacher/librarian in upstate New York
Just a Techie Teacher 3.0 by Scott Holcomb, nerdy Educator
KABT Bioblog a group blog of the Kansas Association of Biology Teachers sharing resources, curricula and ideas to teach biology.
Kevin's Meandering Mind -- a sixth grade teacher, writer, poet who is also part of the National Writing Project
Kim's Ventures in Educational Technology - by Kim Caise, NBCT - blog for educators integrating technology
Learning technology blog for teachers interested in using technology in the ELT classroom by Nik Peachey
Learning as you go by Shaun Fletcher- Math Science teacher at EWG in Richibucto NB Canada
LifelongReader - a blog aimed at students to encourage them to read.
Maine Ideas in Education by Jeff Bailey
marlyn's blog
Mexico English Teachers' Alliance :: META Web 2.0 - EFL and ESL educators throughout Latin America and the world - reflections from a middle school teacher on learning in todays dynamic information environment
Middle School, day by day from a teacher's point of view - reflections on teaching middle school
Miss! The daily adventures of your average second year social studies teacher in your not so average high school.
Miss W and her smartboard - integrating technology into my grade 6/7 classroom in Tasmania, Australia
More than just knowing stuff! A reflecive blog about teaching and learning with ICT (and more..) by Helen Otway, Melbourne, Australia
Mr P's iPod a teacher’s record of the implementation of iPods in a grade 3-4 class
Mr W's Blogging Great Thing - A lousy name, but I didn't know at the time and now I'm stuck with it.
Mrs. Chauncey's Blog & ELGGBlog by George Mayo - teacher, administrator, and online curriculum designer, trying to get kids to take over the world
Mrs. Wagner's Class - Eva Wagner's blog for her Kindergarden Class ( - Eva Wagner's new class blog)
Ms. Mercer's Blog
MST Portal (Wendy S. Smith) - Webster, New York - Math, Science & Technology - Promoting Open, Reflective Teaching And Learning
Music Techie;) - a blog concerning the goings on at Sunset Ridge School in Northfield, Illinois by Carol Broos
My name is not Teacher - Cory Willis, Associação Alumni, São Paulo, Brazil
My Journey in ICT & Blogging - Rachel Boyd, New Zealand
My Languages by Isabelle Jones- News, Views, Resources and Research About Teaching and Learning Languages
New Educator support/Induction blog
Next-Ed - a teacher learning to learn in a connected world where learning together is an imperative.
One Teacher's Journey - blogging my way to better teaching (Cory Peppler, HS English)
Open Court Resources BlogTips for teaching the Open Court Reading Program by Mathew Needleman
Outside the Cave - Stephen Lazar's reflections on teaching, learning, and edtech as he teaches Social Studies in the Bronx, NY
Parents Want to Know(Robin Martin)
Passonable Chrissie Butler, New Zealand
Polar Science (2005, 2006 EduBlog Award Winner)
Rambling Reflections Lynne Crowe, New Zealand
Reflections from a K-6 World Michael Wacker, Littleton, Colorado Ideas, lessons and thoughts from a lifelong learner and 6th grade teacher.
Room5ians Rule! - a bit of to and fro between mr w00dy and his 11yr old students in New Zealand
Math Video Blog- an excellent math blog featuring free animated math videos
Sargent Park Mathzone
Science, Education, and Science Education (Luann Lee)
Scheiss Weekly Mamacita tells it like it is, hitting the fan like nobody else can. 26 years' worth of secondary experience in a nutshell: isn't that where nuts belong anyway?
Science and ICT a superglu compilation of a number of blogs and a FURL
schol@kkc - the blog for Year 13 English students at Katikati College in New Zealand.
SHS Web Design Assignments and thoughts as we convert to Web 2.0 teaching.
Simply Teaching Keeping teaching simple, fun, and meaningful.
Siyensya Middle school science activities blog. Video of science activities and mathematics.
SMS Computer Class Follow along with our class as we explore technology in the classroom.
Scenes From The Battleground Descriptions of teaching in tough UK secondary schools
So You Want To Teach? (Joel) A blog about teaching, classroom management, and educational issues written by a Texas band director.
Stephen's Teaching World Stephen C. Veliz of Tallahassee, FL.
Steve Kinney: Education, Technology, and Sociology Steve is a special education teacher in New York City.
Steve Spangler's Blog Science teacher extraordinaire Steve Spangler blogs about making learning fun, and his Experiment of the Week is just plain AWESOME!
StoryOfMySecondLife - A K-20 educator's grant-funded, four- to six-month, fully-part-time (partially full-time?) immersion into and exploration of the world of "Second Life"
Teacher 2.0 -reflections and links from a teacher making an effort to teach using social media
Teacher 2.0 Teacher Tech Director's/Teacher's web 2.0 journey
Teaching All Students A blog about teaching students with disabilities, Assistive Technology, and AAC
Teach with Picture Books Picture Book summaries, guiding questions, and cross-curricular extensions, with an emphasis on upper primary and middle school. Also reviews of other sites offering resources for teaching with picture books
Teachers At Risk- Elona Hartjes -mentoring teaches using blogging
Teacher's Bag of Tricks (Joel Zehring) - Collecting the best strategies for teaching and learning
Tech Tempo - (Brenda Muench) What's the Tempo of your Tech? A music teacher and tech integrator blogs about teaching, learning and tech.
Tech4ESL - Barry Bakin's blog relating his experiences introducing various aspects of technology into the ESL curriculum for adult immigrant learners in the Division of Adult and Career Education of the Los Angeles Unified School District.
Techie-Bytes (K.L. Evans)
Tom Kim - the Wordpress blog of a middle school English teacher
The Cool Teacher Lessons learned teaching at an alternative school
The Crafty Teacher - Pre-K-12 project ideas and teacher DIY across the curriculum
The Elementary Educator A third grade teacher's riffs, rants, and raves on teaching that works
The Fischbowl - Karl Fisch and company
The Good Habits Blog
The Innovative Educator (Lisa Nielsen) Educational Technologist for the NYC Department of Education
The Paradigm Shift - by Anthony Armstong. An 8th grade U.S. History teacher.
The Sausage Machine by Janien Benaets, ex-teacher (MA, language and literature for the new generation, from Flanders, Belgium).
The Learning Curve - the rantings of a (potential) elementary teacher
The Techno Cheetah - A blog about the technology program at BSES in Maryland.
The Tempered Radical - Voted the Best Teacher Blog in 2007 in the Edublogs blogging competition, Bill Ferriter challenges conventional thinking about educational policy and practice.
There is Nothing Wrong Here - Jim Walker Technology Director for LPVEC.
Thinking In Mind- Using technology to deepen and enhance inquiry-based learning.
Throughlines - Bruce Schauble on Reading, Writing, and Teaching
Thoughts on Teaching & Educational Technology, Jeremy Gypton's blog about edtech, one-to-one schooling, and historical inquiry
Using Blogs in Science Education (Stacy Baker)
Using ICTs @ ISOCS (Kathy Epps)
Using ICT in Further Education - Patricia Donaghy
Wandering The Web (Jess McCulloch, Australia)
Watsoncommon - Christopher Watson's (HS English teacher) online commonplace book.
Websites of the Day For Teaching ELL, ESL, & EFL -- Larry Ferlazzo's suggestions of websites helpful to teaching English Language Learners. (Math Blog)
USN Lower School Technology
Wicked Decent Learning Blog and Podcast Two Maine Teachers discuss issues in education, provide technology tools, discuss media, books, news and more.
Write On! Mr. Monson's Grade 5 Classroom Blog Join our class in this amazing, online world! (Check out our wiki too!)
WVSKPhillips Domain - classroom techno-blog
The Learning Box How should students get the education they deserve? Visit The Learning Box to find out.
关心部落格 A Chinese blog by a teacher from Singapore.
Young Programmers Podcast (Dave Briccetti) A video podcast for learning programmers in grades 3 and up.
White Group Mathematics (Frederick Koh) A Singaporean website which deals with the A level H2 maths standard; also explores other math levels (including early college)
See also: 50 Must-Read Up and Coming Blogs by Teachers

Parent Blogs

A Geeky Momma's Blog
The name says it all. A "geeky" i.e. tech-savvy mom shares valuable information.
Blogging in The Classroom
A parent's guide to supporting student success in the 21st Century.
Empowering Parents™ **Blog**
Straight talk. Real solutions. Solve tough parenting problems.
Parents as Partners Blog
Great blog that focuses on having parents as education partners in supporting students in the 21st Century.
The Innovative Parent
Blog from an innovative educator who is also a parent sharing great insights and advice for 21st Century parenting.
Digital Parent
Blog from a parent of three tweens who also teaches college and digital media, often amazed at what is going on around them. Host of iKidTools
Academic Booster Club
The Academic Booster Club of Puyallup serves families of highly capable students in Washington. They are active in highly capable advocacy at the state and local level.

Professor Blogs

[[|[[|Arne Krokan]]]] Blogs in Norwegian about digital litteracy, network economy and learning. Professor in sociology at Norwegian University of Science and Technology.
[[|Dr. Z Reflects]] by Leigh Zeitz - Dr. Z reflects on Web 2.0, Education, Technology and creating student-based learning. (John Curry) Random musings of an instructional designer; John is an Assistant Professor of Educational Technology at Oklahoma State University.
Gardner Writes (Gardner Campbell) A professor of English writes on education, literature and the arts, and the transformative power of the digital imagination.
Nutrition & Wellness - Biology 50 - The Course Edublog for Dr. Dyer's Nutrition Course at Columbia College, in California.
Open2Learn--Open Learning in Higher Education. Professor Robert Hughes, Jr., University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. Reflections on creating open learning, open research, open science and engagement with the public.
[[|Ruminations of an Online Instructor / MD]] Reflections from a Physician - Professor (Dr. Kirsti A. Dyer) on Teaching and Blogging in CyberSpace.
[[|Suspect Metaphor]] (Pavel Cenkl) Exploring the intersection of pedagogy, technology, and cultural studies
[[|Scheiss Weekly]] A former public school teacher finds sanity again at the college level.
The Professor's Page Blogging in College: The Gender & Pop Culture Blog Experiment at The College of New Jersey in Women's & Gender Studies
The Random Thoughts of Louis Schmier: Valdosta State University, Georgia
EdTechDev (Doug Holton) Dept. of Instructional Technology & Learning Sciences, Utah State University

Principal Blogs

Adam DeWitt from Marinette Middle School, Leading 180 Days. (Marinette, Wisconsin)Alan Stange from Central Butte School (Central Butte, Saskatchewan)
Andrew Bird from Muritai School (Wellington, New Zealand)
Andy Dale from Pleasant Lake Elementary (West Bloomfield, MI)
Arturo Gonzalez from Caron Elementary (Puyallup, WA)
Backbythebell (Max) a school administrator with questions about school leadership
Ben Witheford from Otautau School (Otautau, New Zealand)
Ben Kestner from the Berlin Brandenburg International School GERMANY
Bill Carozzafrom Harold Martin School (Hopkinton, NH)
Chris Lehmann from Science Leadership Academy (Philadelphia, PA)
Dan Winters from Halecrest Elementary (Chula VIsta, CA)
Darren Cannell from Saskatoon Catholic Cyber School (Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada)
Dave Hickman from Aurelia High School (Aurelia, IA)
Dave Meister from Paris High School (Paris, IL)
Dave Younce from Gwendolyn Brooks Elementary (Aurora, IL)
David Sherman from South Park Elementary (Deerfield, IL)
Debbie Bohn from Skyblue Mesa Elementary (Canyon Country, CA)
Deborah Jacobsen from Hawthorne Elementary (Helena, MT)
Douglas Ralph from Maitland Middle School (Maitland, FL)
Dustin Swanson from Central Collegiate High School (Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan)
Ed Shepherd from Stonewall Jackson Middle School (Roanoke, VA)- Twitter
Elise Gruber from Apopka Relief High School (Apopka, FL)
Frank Pearse from Scott Creek Middle School (Coquitlam, B.C., Can)
Gary Kandel from Lexington Elementary (Alliance, OH)
George Hobson from Academia Britanica Cuscatleca (El Salvador, Central America)
Glenn Malone from Puyallup School District (Puyallup, WA)
Greg Carroll from Outram School (Dunedin, New Zealand)
Guy Kovacs from Edgerton Elementary (Puyallup, WA)
Jeanette Johnson from Lorenzo Walker Technical High School (Naples, FL)
Jan Borelli from Westwood Elementary (Oklahoma City, OK)
Jason Bednar from Owen Elementary (Naperville, IL)
Jason Levy from CIS 339 School of Communication Technology (the Bronx, NY)
Jim Laney from International Community School (Addis Ababa, Ethiopia)
Joe Jezierski from Stewartville Middle School (Stewartville, MN)
John Staumont from Shelyn Elementary (Rowland Heights, CA)
Jonathan Martin from St. Gregory College Prep (Tucson, AZ)
Karla Thompson from Plymouth Creek Elementary (Plymouth, MN)
Kelly Christopherson from Eston Composite School (Eston, Saskatchewan)
Kevin Crotchett from Forest Park Elementary (Portland, OR)
Kimberly Moritz from Gowanda High School (Gowanda, NY)
Kristine Diener from iQ Academies (Waukesha, WI)
Linda Perdaems from Woodland Elementary (Brooklyn Park, MN)
Marc Brouillet from Zeiger Elementary (Puyallup, WA)
Margaret Osteen from Stone Lakes Elementary (Orlando, FL)
Mark French from Rice Lake Elementary (Maple Grove, MN)
Matt Hillmann from Belle Plaine Junior High (Belle Plaine, MN)
Melinda Miller from Willard East Elementary (Willard, MO)
Melissa Dyer from Graham School (Talladega, AL)
Nancy Flynn from Randolph Heights Elementary (St. Paul, MN)
Nicholas Pulizzi from Mexico Elementary (Mexico, NY)
Paul Doyle from Holy Rosary Catholic School (Wyoming, Ontario)
Richard Schroeder from Spring Trail Elementary School (Carol Stream, IL)
Robert Anderson from Edgewater High School (Orlando, FL)
Scott Brittain from Rogers High School (Puyallup, WA)
Steve Poling from DeGrazia Elementary (Tucson, AZ)
Sue McCracken from Lincoln Elementary (Fairfield, IA)
Susan Naysnerski from Narragansett Elementary (Narragansett, RI)
Theresa Reagan from Georgetown Elementary (Hudsonville, MI) Twitter
Tim Tyson from Mabry Middle School (Marietta, GA)
Tim Lauer from Meriwether Lewis Elementary (Portland, OR)
Trevor Smith from Central Collegiate High School (Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan) from Don Cowart (Cranston, RI)

Administrator Blogs

The Other 85 Percent- A blog by Capella University Vice Chairman about the future of higher education.VIVA in the Blogosphere - Antonio Viva, Assistant Head of School, Worcester Academy, Worcester, MA. Focusing on teaching, learning, technology, leadership and creative pursuits. Working toward "reshaping the world, one creative thinker at a time."
21k12. A blog by an independent school Head, Jonathan Martin, celebrating and reflecting upon 21st c. K-12 education.
A Swiftly Tilting Planet - This blog is focused on the administration of education technology in K-12 environments and how rapidly changing technologies impact teaching and learning.
Around the Corner - - Blog about educational leadership, writing and transformation in K-16 by a director of instructional technology for a large urban school district.
Avon, Ohio's Interactive Video Distance Learning Blog - This blog is an electric diary of the Avon Local Schools Distance Learning Project.
Bluyonder - Greg Whitby - a strong Australian voice for radical change in the way that schools work.
Byte Speed by Tim Holt-Blog and occasional Podcast, news, views,reviews, from the edge of Texas
Change Agency -- by Stephanie Sandifer with a focus on edtech, Web 2.0, educational leadership, instruction, and education policy/school improvement.
Chalkdust by Patrick Higgins creating dynamic and malleable curriculum to empower student and teacher learning.
Dangerously Irrelevant - technology leadership blog of Scott McLeod, Director of CASTLE, University of Minnesota
Data and Technology in K-12 - by Joseph Miller
EdTechatouille by Chris Duke, Director of Training & Technology Development, San Jacinto College, Houston, TX
Education Innovation by Rob Jacobs, Orange County CA, with a focus on innovative/creative ideas, technology, leadership, and future models of education
Metanoia by Ryan Bretag, Instructional Technology Coordinator, Glenbrook North High School, Northbrook, IL
Haulin' 'Net Joe Poletti, Director of Technology and Media, Carteret County (NC) Public School System
K12EduTALK William Brennan, Director of Technology, Port Jefferson School District, Port Jefferson, NY
Learning to Collaborate a blog designed to share ideas and examples of why information sharing is important and how it can be accomplished. by Ed Shepherd, Roanoke City Public Schools, Roanoke, VA- Twitter
Long Island School Leadership Michael Keany, Director of LI School Leadership Center & William Brennan, Director of Technology, Port Jefferson School District, Port Jefferson, NY
MUVE Forward: Real Life Education in Second Life by Topher Zwiers - Chris Duke
PepTechTalk - Glenn Malone was an elementary teacher for 7 years and an elementary principal for 15 years.
Practical Theory - Chris Lehman, Principal of the Science Leadership Academy (laptop school, quite techie)
Principal of the Matter Frank Pearse, Vice-Principal in Coquitlam, B.C., Canada
Ratio Studiorum A blog by David Colon, Academic Dean at Collegiate School in Richmond, VA
Reflection Tag: A blog by Andrew Kohl, Director of Educational Technology in District 30, Northbrook IL
Sentiments On Common Sense A blog about Digital Leadership by Andrew Torris, the Deputy Superintendent, Shanghai American School, Shanghai, China
The Chronicle Of.... -By Jillian Reading. Academic Advising Professional Development Blog; also covers general higher education issues.
The Principal Blog - Melinda Miller Elementary Principal blogging her journey through technology leadership
The Strength of Weak Ties - David Jakes, Instructional Technology Coordinator, CSD99, Downers Grove, IL, USA
Think Act Repeat - An Independent school Technology Director's blog about tech integration and day to day operations.
SIF Notes -- Group blog of School Improvement Facilitators in Houston, Texas.
Unit1CSBO -- Blogging on school finance and tech issues, Jason Smith Unit District #1 Schools, Coal City IL, USA

Library / Librarian Blogs

Bibliosphere News by Judy O'Connell, Marita Thomson and others
Hey Jude by Judy O’Connell (2006 EduBlog Award Winner)
Informania by Fran Bullington, high school library media specialist
Joyce Valenza's Never Ending Search Blog by Joyce Valenza
Librarian Philospher by Barry Bishop, Director of Libraries, Spring Branch ISD, Houston, TX
Library By Any Other Name by Vaughn Branom
NewTrierLibrary by Judy Gressel and the New Trier Librarians
Nicholas Senn H.S. Library Promoting lifelong reading and learning one post at a time by H.P., librarian Chicago, IL.
Not A Rocking Chair Librarian (Zoe P. Midler) Longmont, CO | K-8 Librarian & Tech Integration Evangelist
Not So Distant Future by Carolyn Foote Westlake HS
PowerLibrarian by Janice Conger, Collegeville, PA
Passionate Pages by Janice Robertson Mississauga, Ontario
SCASL Blogs! (South Carolina Association of School Librarians) by Valerie Byrd-Fort, Cathy Nelson, and Martha Taylor
SchoolLibraryLand-Justin Ashworth, elementary school library media specialist
TechnoTuesday by Cathy Nelson
The Top Shelf Blog by Mary Woodard
TriStateReviews Blog by Linda McNeil (Book Reviews by a group of librarians)
iLibrarian by Ellyssa Kroski, Reference Librarian for Columbia University and Information Consultant in NYC.
The Fiction Focus Blog is published by Curriculum Materials Information Services (CMIS), DET Western Australia. It is designed to provide news about current events, resources and research to assist teachers and teacher librarians engage teenagers with books and reading
Life in the Library by Denise Borck, Media Specialist at William James Middle School in Statesboro, GA
Tech Tips and Timely Tidbits by Heather Loy, Media Specialist at Wagener-Salley High School in Aiken, SC

Professional Development Blogs

Certification Map - a simple guide to receiving teacher certification and clarifies the steps needed to become a teacher in your state
Effective Teaching, Quality Instruction and Professional Development (David Peter, Director, Center for Teaching and Learning, Vincennes University)
ExploratoryLearner - The Real Deihl by William "Bud" Deihl
Islands of jokaydia in Second Life Blog - Islands of jokaydia Community of Practice
K12Online 2006 Conference (2006 EduBlog Award Winner)
Learning in a Flat World by Britt Watwood (VCU, Richmond VA)
Mexico English Teachers' Alliance :: META Web 2.0 - EFL and ESL educators throughout Latin America and the world
MI-LIFE - Michigan Leadership Improvement Framework Endorsement.
myLearning blog/podcast - TAFE NSW - Sydney Institute
n2teaching Hearts and Minds - a professional development blog written in service to the profession; Sheryl A. McCoy
Not Your Average Teacher - A community of pre-service and service teachers dedicated to fighting burnout in education.
NUESDesk by Kevin Hansen and Robert Gordon, Technology Trainers, Northeastern Utah Educational Service Center
Portable PD (Jane Smith and Nathan Toft) A blog and podcast discussing the use of technology in the elementary classroom. Ottawa, Canada
Suppl_eMINTS (Zac Early) - a supplement to eMINTS training sessions - provides prospective teachers with a wide variety of motivational and informational resources that show how to become a teach anywhere in the country
Technology Training & Integration by Clint Stephens, Technology Integration Specialist, Southwest Educational Development Center
The Chronicle Of.... -By Jillian Reading. Academic Advising Professional Development Blog; also covers general higher education issues.
The Eighth Floor, . . . a technology and learning center for educators.
The Student Affairs Collaborative Blog A collaborative blog of Student Activities and Student Affairs Activities Professionals from around the country. Discussing, learning, networking, and leading Student Affairs.
TIP: Technology Integration Program by Shawn Brandt, Secondary Technology Integration Specialist, New Prague Area Schools
Personal Branding Blog by Dan Schawbel, educator, author, speaker, publisher and blogger
USNWeb2.0forUs! from Scott Merrick's summer 2007 profdev offering
Web 2.0 Book Study by K. L. Evans - This is an online Staff Development facilitated by the book, "Blogs, Wikis, Podcasting, and Other Powerful Wed Tools for the Classroom" by author, Will Richardson.

Psychologist's Blogs

Apace of Change - Damian Bariexca, School Psychologist
TechPsych, Interactive Multimedia Technology -Lynn Marentette, School Psychologist
IQ Corner Kevin McGrew
Jeffrey S. Wolfsberg and Associates, Inc. - Alcohol and Other Drug Education Programs & Consulting
Independent School Counselor- Blog and Podcast

Education Company Blogs

Swift Kick Central The footprints of Swift Kick (creators of Red Rover, a free/open source online orientation tool that integrates into Facebook)
Educational Technology by IQity, Highlighting topics related to learning management systems, curricula, whiteboards and the IQity elearning platform.
Primary Technology Primary Technology provide hosted on-line services and technical support services for schools worldwide.
School Email blog following the leader of the School Email project, encouraging children worldwide to get empowered by email.
Studies Weekly Blog The company blog for Studies Weekly, a publisher of k-6 lesson plans for math, science, and social studies