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Elementary School

  • A class blog: students contribute based on certain instructions they have given and they document activities of the class. Examples:
    • Middle P Prattlings, the class blog of a Grade 3-4 class in Geelong, Australia. From this blog you can use the blogroll to check out a number of other blogs and wikis we have been working on including our online story site.
    • Priestsic6 - a class blog from a Year 6 class in Nottinghamshire, England. We have just started, but have posted about our first week (week commencing 4/9/06) and will continue to blog about the work we do throughout the year.
    • Room One's Blog - a class blog of year 2/3 students (6 & 7 year olds) from Mapua School in New Zealand. We have been blogging up a storm since June 2006. Check out what we've been doing.
  • A digital stories blog: students post a description of their story and a link to the digital story. Examples:
    • Middle P Stories from Geelong, Australia these students have composed hard copy stories, scanned them and then using Photo Story 3, have turned them into Windows Movie files. This blog provides a blurb and link to the stories.

Middle School

Junior High School

High School


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Math Blog

  • Math Video Blog – Excellent site featuring a large collection of free math videos and other great resources for students and teachers.

Best Practices from the Blogosphere (Blog Postings about Using Blogging in Schools)

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