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"Educational Blogging," Stephen Downes in EDUCAUSE Review, vol. 39, no. 5 (September/October 2004): 14–26.
Logs prepare to go on a roll (Steve O'Hear in The Guardian)
"The educated blogger: Using weblogs to promote literacy in the classroom" by David Huffaker
"Panelists: Blogs are changing education", eSchool News
Distance Learning"Distance learning"
"Coming of Age: An Introduction to the New World Wide Web," Terry Freedman et al.
"Best Practices from Clarence Fisher" by Vicki Davis, teacher
"Learning from Blogs" and Blogs and Pedagogy by Anne Davis, professor at Georgia State University
"Blogs = Invitations into Lives" Clarence Fisher, teacher
"People who care blog" Vicki Davis, Teacher
"Personal Learning Networks: Blogs as Webs of Connected Learning" Miguel Guhlin, Director of Instructional Technology and edu-blogger
Remediation, Genre, and Motivation: Key Concepts for Teaching with Weblogs, Brooks, Nichols, and Priebe.
Moving to the Public: Weblogs in the Writing Classroom, Lowe, and Williams.
The Benefits and Concerns of the Read/Write Web in Education: Blogs, Wikis, RSS, and Social Networks, including .com by Mark Wagner (A 1 page article to share with others.) PDF Format
N.J. teacher makes blogs a staple at high school by Valerie Strauss of the Washington Post
English is no longer the predominant language - May 1, 2006
"Writing for an Audience: Using Blogs to Expand Your Students' Horizons" Brooks-Young
"Tech Tools for Learning" by Will Richardson (Cable in the Classroom's Access Learning, January 2006, p.6-9 [PDF]).
"New Media, New Rules" by Bobbie Eisenstock (Cable in the Classroom Magazine, July/August 2006 [PDF]).
Blogs para educar. Usos de los blogs en una pedagogía constructivista, by Tíscar Lara (Revista TELOS, 65, October-December 2005).
To blog or not to blog...that is the question! , by Claudia Ceraso (The FCE Blog, September 2006 [ppt]))


Blogs, Wikis, Podcasts, and Other Powerful Web Tools for Classrooms, Will Richardson
Classroom Blogging, David Warlick
Coming of Age: An introduction to the NEW worldwide web (downloadable pdf)
Innovative Approaches to Literacy Education, Using the Internet to Support New Literacies, Rachel A. Karchmer, Marla H. Mallette, Julia Kara-Soteriou, and Donald J. Leu, Jr., editors


Free Animated Math Videos, from Doina Popovici
Weblogs in Education Video, from Will Richardson (time: 2:28)
Telling the New Story from Dean Shareski (time: 8:00)
Blogosphere From Teacher's TV - presented by Steve O'Hear (time: 14:00)
Blog If You Love Learning: An Introduction to Weblogs in Education Mark Wagner's presentation for the K12 Online Conference (time: 1:14:26)
Welcome to the Blogosphere Chris Walsh hosts Infinite Thinking Machine episode #4
Perspectives on Classroom Blogging from Wesley Fryer (time: 6:30)
Blogs in Plain English (Common Craft) from Lee LeFever (time: 3:00)


META Web 2.0 ESL/EFL Mega List of Educational Podcasts for language teaching and learning
TechPodZone Dec 06 Interview with Vicki Davis on blogs and wikis
Ed Tech Coast to Coast (easier to see and download here)
Connect Learning by David Warlick
Speaking of History by Eric Langhorst
Wesley Fryer organized this Skypecast on July 11 with 26 participants describing and comparing various blogging service. You can listent to the podcast recording of this online conversation.
Inside Independent School Health Podcast Alcohol and Other Drug Education Podcast for Parents and Educators

Hosted Services

See also "Starting to Blog"
Classblogmeister created by David Warlick
ePALS Classroom Exchange Education penpal community with monitored communications, safe blogs and school email.
One-Page Guide to Blogs & Blogging
Gaggle free email and blog hosting
Primary Blogger free blog hosting with moderation provided by the teaching community
School Email free email with sexual predator detection and optional school controls. Free blogs for teachers, researchers, librarians and other educational professionals
Podomatic free podcast host
TIGed TakingITGlobal's tools for global education, including private virtual classroom spaces with student blogs Free service by Oracle with strong profanity filter and no non-school children allowed.

Blog Searching

SupportBlogging Search
Google Blog Search
Clusty (aggregates and categorizes blog searches from several search engines)


EduBloggerCon 2007 conference 2006
NECC 2006 (Open Source Lab)

Seminars & Workshops

February 2 - 3, 2007 (Philadelphia): Will Richardson's 1- & 2-day "Web 2.0 in Schools" Workshop
Blogs and Blogging for Learning presentation by Sue Lister
Blog Workshop by Dean Shareski
"Blogs, podcasts and wikis: the learner is the resource" or
"10 ways to stay connected without losing your mind and why blogging isn't one of them" by Ewan McIntosh (handy for the UK and Europe)
EdTechLIVE Regional Workshops - (coming soon)
Teaching in a Participatory Culture - How Blogging Supports 21st Century Literacy by Jennifer Dorman

Events & Meetups

See EduBloggerCon Wiki
NECC 2006 (National Educational Computing Conference) in San Diego, July 5 - 7, 2006
NECC San Diego EdBlogger Meetup and pictures...
EdubloggerWorld (Ning) virtual meet-up August 23rd, 2007

Computer Hardware

  • One of the great aspects of educational blogging is that the computing power needed to participate is actually very low--meaning at the very time that we are likely to conclude that we really do need a computer for every student in school, we should now be able to afford them. Current estimates are that close to 100,000 computers are obsoleted in the US every day, less than 5% of which get reused here in this country, but the great majority of which are fully capable of running Web 2.0 applications.
Microsoft Authorized Computer Refurbishers
K12Computers - a website selling refurbished Dell computers to schools. A Microsoft Authorized Refurbisher, providing legal Windows licenses on the computers.
LiveKiosk - Software to convert older Intel-based computers (PII or better) into no-maintenance "webstations." Great for blogging, wiki, podcasting, and research stations.
Technology Rescue Low-cost, low-maintenance school computer labs using Linux thin-client technology.